As new cool products emerge on the market you start wondering if you can modify them (hack them) to your own needs. This is the case with my HomeRemote project I found wireless wall socket outlets for a very cheap price and also some Nexa devices to install behind existing wall switches to the ceiling lights. With the Nexa devices I can turn the lights on and off as well as dim them.


So with these cool units bought for a cheap price I started to “hack” them. I needed a 433Mhz transmitter (the communicated at this freq.) luckily I found it at the same store that was selling the controllers.

After searching the web (second answer at Google) I had the protocol for both devices, YAY. When I was done coding and could control everything from my processor, an Arduino by the way, I started to “work” on the Ethernet connection. It was not so much work as buying the Ethernet shield. I opened it to port 80 so I could communicate with it from my browser. I used simple commands so I easily could manipulate the light manually like: //xxx.xxx.x.xxx/?Light=1&Set=On. Done! Nice!

Next I wanted to Add IR communication, a remote isn’t a remote without IR. I added a Receiver and transmitter. The Receiver was only going to be used to decode my remotes at home. So I could get the encoding from them.

There is an IR library easily found at Google witch I used and modified a little si it could talk to my Samsung TV. Done! Next step!

As you can see the unit has:

  • USB Port
  • Ethernet Port
  • Power connector (not needed, can use power from USB)
  • Antenna (RF transmitter)
  • RJ12 Connector (right of antenna)
  • IR decoder (left of antenna)
  • A RJ12 to RJ45 cable

When the hardware was done I had to make a user interface, it had to be Android, available in almost every device out there, perfect!

So I started coding and came up with this:


I can control my TV, DVD, media player and much more. As well as lights an temperature. Some features is not ready yet but the basics are there.

To obey my girlfriend with the request of “no cables lying around” I used my Ethernet patch panel to gain access to every room. So I made an RJ12 to RJ45 connector.

The pins are:

  • 5v
  • GND
  • IR Transmitter
  • Extra for future use

This is everything that indicates for anyone visiting that something strange is going on:

So I think I have succeeded quite well in my mission to make a remote for my home, don’t you think? Leave a comment!

By the way this project will be updated as I go on, so stay tuned!