Robot Control Done!

Now i can control my robot from the web!

The Android App is just a simple program to change direction of the robot and a slide bar to change speed. But it works!

Here is the complete robot:

I’m thinking that the next step will be to utilize the internal g-sensor of the phone to move the robot.

No RF for now

I’m not going to use the RF link as I mentioned in the previous post. The problem lies in getting a stable link between devices. I just want it to work quickly.

Fortuneally for me I have 2 LM048 modules ready to use. It’s a Bluetooth device capable of paring. That means at startup the 2 devices will connect to each other automatically.


As you can see in my HomeRemote project I have a selection called “Robot”, well it’s time to make it work! With this old thing:

This is an old “robot” I found in my closet as you can see it has been butchered for parts to other project I have made.

To make my Android app control this I have to order some parts. As there is an existing RF transmitter on my HomeRemote I am going to control it by RF commands.

These are already on their way to me as I am writing this.

It’s an RF transceiver and a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery running at 3,3volts.

The Android App “Robot” selection looks like this:

It’s going to be a simple command set to control it; Forward, backwards, right and left. The button in the middle is going to be Stop or action button (play some sound?).

The project has started, Stay Tuned!